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Press Release

10 May,2012 Kobe Kanagawa Eye Clinic

[Limited Time Offer] Premium iLASIK® (incl. 5yr Aftercare services) 270,000 yen campaign


No.1 iLASIK® provider with the most experience of iLASIK® in Japan!
Kobe Kanagawa Eye Clinic would like more people to experience the advantages of our "Premium iLASIK®" and is now offering this limited time campaign.

iLASIK® gives a bigger advantage over typical LASIK, in not only acuity, but also the quality of vision. This is a fully customized LASIK for your eyes.

Every person has a different cornea, with its own unique shape caused by mild imperfections.

Just like "fingerprints differ between people", the cornea also differs between every person and "Premium iLASIK®" is able to correct such imperfections, even if it's mild. This will provide you great vision with high quality, which means you will see clearer than those who have the same vision acuity of 1.2.