The Reasons Why You  Should Choose Us

The Reasons Why You Should Choose Us


Kobe Kanagawa Eye Clinic uses only the leading medical technology and
strives for the highest patient satisfaction.

  • Feature 1 - Excellent Aftercare

    In LASIK, postoperative aftercare is of the same importance as the preoperative eye exam. All patients who undergo LASIK at our clinic can receive eye-checks and consultations after surgery, free of charge. We offer full support for your eye's health.
    Please do not hesitate to consult with us at any time regarding your eyes.

    TOTAL Care

    • * After one year, the cost for eye drops and medication will be charged to the patient.
    • * Symptoms unrelated to our treatments will require a seperate fee, even within the first year after the treatment.
    • * Not attending the check-ups recommended by our staff and doctors may result in voiding the contents and services shown in this consent form.
  • Feature 2 - Our Goal is to become Number One in Customer Satisfaction

    We strive to improve the level of medical services provided to our customers. In the customer questionnaire surveyed from January to June in 2011, 96.8% of the customers answered, "I want to recommend Kobe Kanagawa Eye Clinic to my friends and family".
    Procedure selection and postoperative advice for daily life, may vary by occupation and lifestyle. We provide information about not only advantages, but also disadvantages of treatments, and spend sufficient time to relieve concerns of your eyes.
    We carefully give advice by occupation based on the high-volume of treatment cases. We can also share our experiences, as most of our staff have also undergone either LASIK or ICL surgery.

  • Feature 3 - Specialized Clinic and Clinical Staff for Refractive Surgery

    Experienced surgeons, who are certified ophthalmologists, conduct all treatments at our clinics. Our highly-professional doctor team supports you and comprehensively diagnoses on the basis of plural factors. Our evaluations are based on more than a dozen concerns of the health of the customer's eye, request for vision, age, lifestyle and occupation. Please consult with us about your concerns like high myopia and presbyopia.
    "LASIK" and "ICL" are sometimes called by different names and variations. Customers may confuse which is the best procedure or what the difference is. We are a specialized team of refractive surgeries and professionals regarding eyes. Please visit our clinic when you have concerns about your eyes or questions about our services.