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KKEC's Five Promises and Six Counseling Policies

Personalizing treatment and care for every one of our clients is KKEC's guiding principle, which rests on five promises and six counseling policies.

Our Five Promises

Promise 1|We understand your desire to live free of vision correction aids (eyeglasses and contact lenses).

People's wish to be free of eyeglasses and contact lenses varies, depending on their lifestyle. Each person requires individualized treatment techniques and postoperative counseling. At KKEC, we recognize the importance of the personal approach to patient care and avoid 'by-the-book' group counseling that glosses over individual needs. To ensure that you get the lifestyle you dream of, we emphasize the importance of counseling for any concerns you may have.

Promise 2|We will do our best to set your mind at ease.

The eyes are extremely sensitive and delicate organs-which is all the more reason for you to select a treatment facility that you can trust. At KKEC, we are constantly integrating the latest knowledge in our field into our practice by working with our domestic and foreign partners. We are also careful to comply with the global guidelines for quality control and regularly consult with outside experts. In addition, most of our staff have undergone vision correction surgery and are therefore able to provide firsthand advice on treatments. Please feel free to discuss any concerns with our staff by telephone, via our website, at orientation meetings or during counseling.

Promise 3|We will recommend the best vision correction solution for you.

KKEC offers a wide array of vision correction treatments, including Premium Eye Design Lasik® and ICL. The condition of your eyes based on your examination results as well as your lifestyle needs will dictate which type of treatment is best for you. Our experienced ophthalmologists can be counted on to recommend the best vision correction procedure for each client.

Promise 4|We will share in your happiness.

According to a survey in the U.S., the average client needs about 18 months to think about LASIK surgery before deciding to be treated. We therefore take great pleasure in helping allay our clients' fears and concerns when considering LASIK and feel rewarded by their satisfaction after treatment. By addressing your concerns before surgery and providing comprehensive aftercare, including additional therapy and treatments for any complications that may arise, we aim to help you in the best way we can to achieve a life free of vision aids.

Promise 5|We will live up to your trust and expectations.

Many of our clients, including professional athletes and celebrities, have come to us on the recommendation of their family or friends who received treatment at KKEC. We believe that our relationship with our clients truly begins after they undergo surgery. We always strive to return our clients' trust by constantly looking for ways to improve our services.

Six Counseling Policies of Kobe Kanagawa Eye Clinic

Policy 1|We aim to resolve all your concerns.

The thought of undergoing eye surgery is often daunting. For those considering vision correction surgery, the quality of the counseling they receive may be the deciding factor in whether they choose to receive treatment. For this reason, we make it our policy to listen to your every concern and answer any questions you may have to set your mind at ease.

Policy 2|We emphasize dialogue and avoid one-sided explanations.

Each person has different concerns. We try to explain all aspects of the treatment, including its effectiveness, risks, prognosis, and cost, to each person's satisfaction. Our policy is to treat each prospective client with the same degree of empathy and care that we would show to our own loved ones-not by recourse to standardized, one-sided explanations but by dealing patiently with each question or worry as it arises.

Policy 3|We counsel our clients from firsthand experience.

Almost all the KKEC staff have undergone vision correction surgery (except those with naturally good vision or those for whom treatment is unsuitable). This makes them experts in dealing with many of the common issues that a person may have when considering surgery, such as: What do I need to know before surgery? What should I be concerned about? How will I feel on the day of surgery? How anxious will I be right before surgery? How can I deal with this anxiety? How does it feel to see much better? What's life like without vision aids? We believe that sharing firsthand experiences is the best way of reassuring our clients.

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Policy 4|Each client is assigned a highly qualified counselor.

Not everyone can become a KKEC counselor. Our counselors are fully-trained and accredited professionals who regularly attend seminars to stay up-to-date on relevant medical information.

Policy 5|We make your hopes our hopes

Our counselors bond strongly with our clients in the course of helping them to overcome their fears and concerns and share their joy when they achieve a new and fulfilling life free of reliance on vision aids. We hope that through our efforts, more people will overcome their qualms about vision correction surgery and choose to receive this life-changing treatment.

Policy 6|We offer counseling before and after surgery as needed.

Based on our detailed grasp of each client's condition, we are fully prepared to handle any of a variety of events that may occur after surgery. Our goal as ever is your safety and peace of mind.

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