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presbyopia and cataracts


Kobe Kanagawa Eye Clinic offers a variety of surgical techniques for customers to receive the optimal vision recovery surgery according to their lifestyle and the state of their eyes. You will definitely find the optimal vision recovery surgical technique.

Surgical techniques for presbyopia and cataracts

Two plans: a standard plan and a custom treatment plan

We offer two plans for laser-based vision recovery.
The standard plan is surgical treatment for a relatively reasonable fee that corrects general myopia/hyperopia/astigmatism to retrieve vision.
A custom treatment plan achieves higher-quality eyesight with improved night vision based on irradiation tailored to the cornea of each customer.

※ There is no choice of made-to-order plans for Standard LASIK

Standard planThe treatment plan at a relatively reasonable cost

Custom treatment planThe enhanced treatment plan to sense higher-quality eyesight

Advantages of a custom treatment plan

  • The plan provides the optimal vision recovery surgery for each customer's eyes. The vision is corrected in units of 0.01 D, which is more precise than the standard plan that uses units of 0.25 D.
  • Those who have surgery under this plan can enjoy higher-quality eyesight because even slight distortion of the cornea is corrected in addition to correction of myopia/hyperopia/astigmatism.
  • This method can reduce nighttime halo and glare.
  • We modified the fees on April 15, 2019.
  • Each surgery fee includes the drug cost for one year and post-operative examinations.
  • Note that you may not receive your desired service, depending on the results of the eligibility examination.
  • Note that fees and discounts are subject to change/termination without notice.
  • Repeat surgery/additional vision correction is offered free of charge as long as it is done using the same technique as the initial operation. A customer will incur a charge if they wish to have an upgrade or another technique.
  • Second and subsequent repeat surgeries/additional vision correction are charged.