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All patients may not be suitable for LASIK treatment.

Kobe Kanagawa Eye Clinic offers complimentary consultations to help determine if you're suitable for refractive laser eye surgery (LASIK, Epi-LASIK or PRK).

Wake up to new vision! LASIK is the latest vision correction method from USA. In just 15minutes, you can leave your glasses and contact lenses behind. Kobe Kanagawa Eye Clinic's US trained doctors are committed to offer our patients safe and comfortable treatments in English. We also offer a Total Care Service*, which is also available for a future touch up. In case you need to go back to your home country, we are able to assist in locating a physician for follow-ups using our wide global physician network. Is LASIK a procedure of your choice? Please book your initial consultation online to find out if you are suitable for LASIK by contacting us.

(*Please contact us at eng.customer@kobe-kanagawa.jp for questions and/or concerns. Currently our clinics are able to offer language support in Japanese only.)

[*] Required

*First Name:  (ex.: John)
*Last Name:  (ex.: Doe)
*date of birth
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(Ex. June 20 1970 → 1970/June/20)
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*Phone Number: - -  (ie: 078-393-5366)

We will contact you to confirm your consultation date. Please provide us with your contact information and your preferred days to visit our clinic.

For Contact Lens Users:
Please take your contact lens(es) out prior to your consultation (please see below for more details). Because contact lens changes the shape of your cornea, it is imperative that you are not wearing contact lenses prior to your visit.
Number of days to not use contact lenses:
Hard contact lenses: 2 weeks
Soft contact lenses: 3 days

*To avoid contact  with the cornea which would affect the surface of your eye, we recommend removing your contacts as early as possible.

*Can you verbally communicate in Japanese?
*Can you bring a translator or someone who can speak Japanese to the clinic?
Please provide us two of your preferred days to visit
(Consultations are available 5 days from today).
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We will contact you via phone or e-mail to confirm your appointment.
※Please note that your preferred consultation day may not be available.

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